Transferencias is a large scale installation of photographs and objects from my personal collection.

From the great archon of images and collections of objects with which we live now, what do we choose to keep and why? Sometimes we loose things, sometimes they break and sometimes we choose to keep. What are the circumstances by which we decide to transfer an emotion to an object in order to keep it as a token for that emotion? This series of work, Transferences, resumes a two year photographic project yet it embraces the collection of personal objects that I have kept since my childhood. Objects here are perceived as visual representations of personal and collective memories. I photograph every object in order to make a from the image, a link to the specific memory that the object is charged with, thanks to which, even if the objects now disappear, history will not erase itself. These objects and photographs, in their own eloquence, speak about the elusive nature of human memory and become threads to the past. From more than a thousand individually photographed objects, the intention is that the visual archive remains, yet the object is given to the spectator. A series of collections of objects is a self-portrait, a live archive, classified and congruent with our psyche. It’s a body of work that speaks about the construction and destruction of archives; selective memories, accumulation and what connects us back to our identity, our roots, and our sense of belonging.

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