Transferences 2.0 resumes a long-term project in which I create a photographic archive of objects collected since her childhood. By exhibiting the photographs alongside the objects, I attempt to transfer the physical object to a visual memory. Objects are perceived as visual representations of personal and collective memories. Each object and its image have their own individual eloquence and serves as a thread connecting the present to the past, a node along the elusive pathway of human memory. I invite spectators to take an object as a gift, a token of their experience with her work - a transference of ownership from my collection, to the viewer. From more than a thousand objects photographed over the course of this project and transferred to the public, the visual archive remains. I create a new archive by photographing every object, and I disseminate the physical archive by giving away the objects and having the archive –and each object taken— “spread out” into a new life. It is a reflection about the lives of things, how we grant a symbolic trade to the objects we choose to treasure. In this art experiment, the physical archive becomes de-materialize twice: once, by being photographed and the second time when the visitors remove them from the group, poetically disseminating the archive around the city. I question our understanding of a museum object vs. a personal one, and activate our awareness of the life of material things and how they may become repositories for our own memories. Through Transferences 2.0, I provoke thought around the accumulation of objects and our attachment to them,  reflects on the creation of visual archives that source testimony of our time, and also make aware of our selective memory, the creation of our personal identity and our sense of belonging.

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