Dolus - work in progress 

As a tribute to all the violent crime victims in Venezuela, I have photographed some of the crying statues at Pere Lachaise in Paris, and have placed them in a museum space, at a large scale. My idea is that the spectator will feel the collective mourning by bringing/leaving/objects of personal devotion and mourn. We are facing small terrorist wars that leave behind much pain. Museums, as places for contemplation can also be mediators for a profound immersive experience. To bring your homage, your condolences to a museum space,  questions the role of the museum into living not only an aesthetic experience but also a personal exchange with our daily life. Being afar from Venezuela and its nearly 28.000 violent murders, have made me very susceptible to pain through distance. To feel safe is of concern, to be able to express pain. How many mothers have lost their children into violence, terror, and war? We shall cry forever and wherever. Identification with a collective mourn.  Personal memorabilia, flowers and words are suggested to be left at exhibition space. I will gather all the objects and produce a book with them. 

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