Atlas II, Nachleben (2016-17) is a photo installation of images that reframes the violent, irrational and questionable gestures of female representation in classical paintings. Images have been photographically reproduced by me at their original museum (Louvre, Prado, Metropolitan Museum) and have been reframed into the detail of a specific gesture of violence perpetrated to a woman. What is the history of womanhood represented in painting? In times of #metoo and radical social changes towards gender, it is important to remember that woman's abuse and violence towards women have historically been perpetuated even in what is considered "high art". We find that the same relationship patterns towards female representation live today, yet it is interesting to look at the past and understand the temporality of these works along with their legacy. Every close-up is an image that focuses on the various relationships that women’s body has suffered through time and representation.

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